Common Questions

Find quick answers to common queries through our comprehensive FAQ section, designed to address your concerns and provide clarity on various aspects of our services.

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How should I format my mailing list?

Mailings lists should be sent as Excel files with clearly defined columns of data needed on the mailing. The Name, Address, and City State Zip Code need to be separated from each other at a minimum but fields can be broken up further – see examples below


Full Name | Address | City State Zip Code

First Name | Last Name | Address Line 1 | Address Line 2 | City | State | Zip Code

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What is included with list processing?

There are multiple services available when having a list processed for marketing mail. We run all lists against USPS data for address verification. Furthermore the lists are put through the NCOA database to check for and update any that have filed a change of address request with the post office. We also can search for and remove duplicate records. List processing can be customized based on your needs.

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How many records do I need for mailing?

For First Class Metered or Stamped mail there is no minimum. Standard Presort and Nonprofit Presort require at least 200 records or that the mailing weighs at least 50 pounds. First Class Presort requires at least 500 records. If a job is being  stamped First Class then there is no minimum for mailing.

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How do I apply for Nonprofit rates?

Qualifying Nonprofits can apply for authorization with the post office by following the instructions found at this link https://pe.usps.com/businessmail101?ViewName=NonprofitApplication